5 Printing Design Trends In 2021

In order to stand out from the competition and generate sales, businesses will need visually stunning printed marketing materials. However, without uniformity and a wow-factor in your business materials, a marketing campaign may be doomed to fail.

To ensure that your printed materials promote brand awareness and boost sales, consider incorporating the following print design trends for 2021!

Raised Text: Adding a physical element to your printing and mailing near me can be achieved using 3D effects such as embossing or foiling. These eye-catching and unique effects are best suited to drawing your audience to the most important information on your printing and mailing near me.

Photos in Full Color: Incorporating full-color images with graphics, text, and labels into all of your printed materials can bring a dynamic visual aesthetic. Furthermore, clean and uncluttered mailers broken up with images are often easier to read for many customers.

Versatile Functionality: Instead of investing in several different mailers for different marketing campaigns, why not create one universal printed design that can be used across various promotional techniques? This will allow you to incorporate uniformity in your products and services, further enhancing your brand awareness.

Pop-Up Elements: If you are looking to create a piece that truly stands out and is bursting with energy, then consider using pop-up elements on your printed business materials. This dimensional form of printing is sure to provide a vibrant and engaging tone to your marketing campaigns!

Chromatic Contrast: The use of color in printed business materials is essential in creating an impactful brand aesthetic. Using multiple colors on the same mailer or catalog can make your advertising materials stand out rather than blend into the background.

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A graphic designer can assist with design layouts in order to ensure maximum advertising quality.